Ciao People,

Welcome to my first Stand Alone Talk, an episode (as the name says) where I talk without guests.

In this episode, I explain my way to find work in the production industry and how to make a good CV or a Cover Letter.

I give info on the websites I look for and useful work groups I found on Facebook.

I also give secondary advice on how to use your Image for good.

Thank you and enjoy!


Blog Post: Where I find jobs

In this link you can find lists of many website and Facebook group I personally use to looking for work


In this link you can find many details on each film/TV department and also courses.

Reccomended Podcasts:

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Hosted by Tom Dix, I highly recommend this podcast for those who want to put their first step in TV

The Filmmaker Podcast

Podcast for aspirant filmmakers (and more) with special guests and hosts working for the same industry, both for indie and Hollywood films.

Team Deakins

Hosted by the Academy Award Winner cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, this podcast is highly recommended not only for the kind of guests, but also for the topic discuss by experts

My example of CV

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