Ciao People,

And welcome to the first episode of MMM: Making Movies with Mattia, the podcast for the people who work or want to work in the entertainment industry.

In this first episode I am going to make a small introduction on what my show talks about and a presentation about me with a description of my job, my background and a tip I gave you at the end of the episode.

Just to let you know, this is my first episode and first time I talk in public through a podcast, so apologies if my talking and voice is not perfect yet.

I will make sure to get better by the time, episode by episode.

At the bottom of this post, I shared some useful links where you can find more info related to my blog page and other websites related to the industry.


Thank you and enjoy the show

Mattia Link

My Job

Blog Page

My Story

Blog Page

Screenskill Job Profiles: Link

Mandy website (in case you want to sart your career doing volounteering jobs): Link

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