Ciao People,
On this post I will discuss about the general aspects of Reviews in Films, TV series/programs and also about the modern Criticisms.
Just to let you know, I’m not here to judge people and professionals on their preferences, and be ready because I will mention celebrities names, films/series and personal opinion just to make some examples, please do not take personally. And please note that I will use the word “Shows” to mention all kind of Film, Tv series and everything part of the big or small screen who has a story, just to be shorter.
Shows had been for almost a century an important role of our entertainment: we watch them and give an opinion, we discuss with friends, we appreciate or hate and we choose to rewatch or forget.
For the past years, before the internet, the critic was one of the most professional jobs in entertainment, their vote were published in local newspaper to invite the audiences, a negative review was costing the show.
Even if today is still a job well known, with social networks and website like Rotten Tomatoes everyone nowday can be a critic.
But with everyone being a critic, comes out lots of discussions, debates, prejudices or controversies.
Today is easy for us judging a person from his preferences.
Just to make an example.
Someone who might like Fast and Furious films cold be consider, from film lovers, someone with a low intellect compare to someone else who might like Kubrick or Lynch films.
Another example can be seen on a person who doesn’t appreciate a show really loved from the audiences, which can give him a reputation as someone who doesn’t get the message or ignorant on that kind of show.
Another examples can be seen on recent news: like Martin Scorsese criticise cinecomic; Spielberg saying that Netflix products ruin the Cinema; Star Wars fans complaining Disney or as it happen every year, The Academy Awards who nominates a film not really appreciated.
People disagreement used to turn on different solutions:
like disapproving professional critics for a review audiences disagree; organising petitions to boycott a show; accusing a show of being too controversy (like racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.); or most of the time blaming creators and cast.
We are all critics but we are turning on criticise each other or worst hurting the others. Is that really necessary?
For my point of view Shows are a “Product”, and products are sold or show to the public, and as public, we should be free to appreciate it or not, most especially if we paid for a product we didn’t like.
But Shows are also “Art”, where the creators are free to express it as they wish, and as audience even if we do not appreciate, we should leave the artists being themselves or we end up to create something confuse and not real.
Product and Art are usually two thinks really hard to be together, especially in Show industry. Few artists are able to make it possible, but even so, is difficult be appreciate by everyone.
Everyone has his opinion and everyone has his point of view.
A good example I can find it with the recent film “Joker” directed by Todd Philips and played by Joaquin Phoenix.
Joker is a film who divided all kind of criticism: between people who appreciate because it has a good main character, or other who doesn’t because is depending only on the main character. Is a film who got mixed review and still today is discussed on social and separate people opinions.
Despite mixed review it ends up to be something who mix a Product with Art because the results.
In every kind of show I watch, I always try to judge them by different points of view: story, cast, photography, etc. Sometimes I might just like the casts, or sometimes also the story or maybe all parts, and even if I see perfection, I always going to judge the minimal thing I might not like.
I am critic I know, and maybe I am also the fussy kind, but as artist and person who works on Show, I will never judge someone for his different point of view. In Social media era is easy blaming each other for our idea, especially in Shows, where sometimes we manage to say nothing or lie to avoid any judgement, but is sometimes better express ourselves rather than stay quiet because too afraid of being judge.
The Shows must be purely entertainment, is up to the artist choose how to make us love his creations and it’s up to us enjoy or not.
Opinions and critics must be personal, even if shared to the public who disagree, we must let audiences express their ideas, crew and cast make their art and professional critics do their job.
To give an end to my post, here some last thoughts I might make disagree many film lovers, but is my free way on sharing my critical response: I rather watch a Cinecomic rather than a slow, long author films; I like black humour comedy and I didn’t appreciate “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” from Quentin Tarantino.
Now please don’t kill me XD
Thank you for reading