Ciao People.

As promise here some websites I would recommend you to see if you are looking for a particular job in UK regarding Film, TV and Commercial industry (mostly for Runner/PA like me):

(Section: Jobs -> Opportunities).
“Opportunities” are unpaid jobs, which I would recommend if you are a beginner and need some experiences.
For paid jobs you could find it by joining to Premium Account, which is 22£ per month. Is your choice if you want to pay to find work, on my personal experience I found few jobs, but not always.
I would suggest you to do some experience for free if you don’t have much experience or credits on your CV.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a full-time job, there are lots of applications in post-production

~ (available as App too)
Free but you need minimum 3 credits for apply. I got many jobs applications, but really hard be contact due the the high amount of people who are looking for job, but better try.

Job applications based on your position. Highly recomended, but careful, once you sign in you need to wait to be approved.

On my experience I didn’t find so much job applications, but many big productions are posting jobs through there. Recommended if you have much experiences in your position

You can find jobs also trough some Facebook groups I am into:

People looking for tv work: Runner
UKTV Runner
London Film Crew Network
Film London Talent Connect
London Filmmaking Network
London Productions
UK Film Jobs
Last Minute and Short Notice Film/TV Production Needs & Jobs & Casting Call

And for finish here some tips from other websites where you could find networking events or people/companies involved in productions: (You can find many names of studios and productions)–london/film-networking/ (Many networking event you could join. You can find on Facebook too) (They can help you with insurance and your rights, but to be member you have to pay 10£ per month)

Thank You and good luck on searching. 

Please support those companies.