Ciao People.
I know, I’m suppose to talk about Film and Cinema, and I am not the right person to discuss about this kind of subject.
But I could be useful on my way even with small actions or information.
So what I could do as a regular person is try to write at least some names of environmental organizations both in UK and in Italy.
I’ll try to list some charities where you are free to make donation or do volunteer. 
Those information about climate change makes me feel worried, but I want to be positive too, because is from those news that people and big companies are more aware of the trouble we are causing, convincing us to use less plastic, driving less and find many other alternative solutions.
Of course is not my intention to judge you whatever is your life style, if you do recycle, eating lots of meat, etc; I am not here to compare myself to other, nobody is perfect and we all make mistake.
This post is a purely and personal thing I am making to inform people that there’s many good and creative way to to save our planets, whatever reducing plastic, driving less, or in my case donate money to the right charity or even more offer yourself to help them.
So let’s have a look of all organizations I both found thanks to people I met and thanks to internet search:
For me one of the most recommended.
Operating since 1971, is still today one of the most active and famous environmental company ever.
Involving in events, festivals and strikes, I like them to be one of the peaceful, non-aggressive and solution-driven company I’ve ever see.
In Greenpeace you are free to do: volunteering, a donation of your choice or sign petitions.
Feel free to visit the Website:
– UK:
– Italy:
Not only a charity, but also a symbol which certified products and branches who do not harm the ecosystem.
Is now involving on the reconstructions of the unfortunate Amazon Rainforest burnt few months ago.
The Amazon Rainforest is vital to global climate stability and home to 1 million Indigenous people as well as countless plant and animal species, plus it produce the 20% of the world’s oxygen supply.
On Rainforest Alliance you are free to do: a donation of your choice (a minimum 50$ who can be monthly or single payment or you can buy t-shirt at their shop).
Feel free to visit the Website:
A company from UK operating on the safeguarding of the oceans.
They are involved in campaign like the Blue Turtle Project, a mark of commitment which let people know that in in some part of London, restaurants and cafe have met criteria that helps to safeguard our planet’s life support system by providing to eliminate avoidable single-use plastic products, reduce waist, provide and promote tap water access to all and remove all endangered species from the menu and adopt responsible sourcing practices. Despite now is focus in a small area of London their intention is to be expand in many more eatery places.
On Project 0 you are free to do: volunteering or a donation of your choice.
Feel free to visit the Website:
– Project 0:
– Blue Turtle Project:
Italian association, I know them because my father and my brother are part of it.
Like the previous they are also operating on the safeguarding of the seas.
Involving mostly in Mediterranean places, they are also work on foreign country and cooperate in many different campaign.
On Marevivo you are free do: volunteering.
Feel free to visit the Website:
I know there are many more companies involved on the safety of the environment, so apologies for my ignorance if I quote just a few. So here is attached some more list of companies who might be useful to have a look:
– List of associations in UK:
– List of associations in Italy:
And for last, realizing how many small and local company are trying to help by selling plastic free product (or at least having less plastic), I made a small list of website where I used to shopping:
I also attached some other where you could buy reusable and personalized things: (note: the majority of these need to be bought in bulk, you can’t make small orders)
For now I can’t do more. What I would kindly ask you to do for all people who are reading this post is to leave me a feedback or a private message where you can help me to find many other companies or ways to save our planet.
Grazie and goodbye