First of all thank you for visiting my website.
This is my first post I share, so I will introduce myself, and my apologies if my way to write is not perfect, of course English is not my first language.
My name is Mattia Capasso, I am now 27 and I am a Freelance Production Assistant working in Film, Commercial and TV industry.
I am Italian, born and raised in Naples until the 2014, the year I chose to move to London and make my new life.
Moving was a really tough decision, Naples is a great city, but leaving long time to the same place was boring, my dream was travelling in a new place, even if that mean say goodbye to my parents, friends and all my good memories.
But I was also happy about my travel, I could explore a new place, make new friends, learning English and planning my future.
I never forget my first day in London, it was the 4th July 2014 and was raining and I was sad about that.
My plans for the beginning was stay in an hostel for 10 days and during those days my next steps were: finding a house, open a bank account and national insurance and finding a job.
It was hard but I got luck to received some help from some friends who already lived in here, one in particular is my long time friend Daniela.
She gave me the idea to move to London, telling me how great the city is and how many jobs opportunities and people of different culture I may find.
Daniela and his boyfriend Enzo, really help me out on setting myself up, giving me a phone number, bank account, tips and references to find houses and jobs.
I also got help from many other people, most especially there was a guy who really motivate me to stay, Fabrizio, a guy who has been living in London from more than 20 years.
He recommended me more jobs to find and tips for how to improve my CV and my English.
I was really inspired by him, his style, the way he approach with people and the confidence.
Of course there are many other people I’d like to mention, but it will take a lot, so I will try to mention them into other posts.
So step by step, I found house, I opened my Bank account and NIN and I finally found my first job in a Coffee Shop in Portobello (you can see into the home page – Past Work History).
I worked there for approximately 8 months until I chose to work to another bar, Crussh in Notthing Hill, where I spend the best 2 years enjoying myself meeting excellent people, which some of them I still get in touch, most of them the one I want to thank too Paola and Giuliana.
After that I moved to a Pret A Manger.
Despite my experience was in customer service, my big ambition was working in Films, without knowing nothing about I was kind confuse on what kind of job could I do, and where could I begin, until I found out the position suitable for people who want to work and learn on set, the Runner, or as many people call Production Assistant.
After long time on searching and asking suggestions, I chose to be both Part timer in Pret A Manger, and both as freelancer Runner, starting as volunteer in small production.
On January 2019 I chose to leave Pret and be completely involved in Film or Tv jobs.
All the story about my step into Production Assistant is something I will write on another post, where I can describe myself and how did I become PA, with also some tips I may gave you if you are looking for jobs like mine.
Before finishing I want to say thank you to all people helped me to be here, most especially to my parents, Abigail and many other, it would be a really long list so I’d like to write on a next posts.
Even if I’m not on top and despite the fact I’m still a beginner, I am happy to be a PA, glad to know how during those 5 years I improve myself, and I hope my kind of life could be an example I may give to many ambitious people like me.
Thank you for you who is reading this, and I will see you to my next post.