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About me

Ciao People,

My name is Mattia Capasso, Italian, I live and work in London.

I am a freelance production assistant / runner working in every aspect of visual entertainement (film, TV, commercial, corporate video, etc.).

I have a creative and well-tempered mind and good improvisation skills.

I am willing to undertake any task, putting all my energy into the role.

With a good understanding of the production process and set etiquette, I work well with other crew members and have great communication skills.

Besides my main PA/Runner position, I also work part-time as Digital Projectionist at Pinewood Studios.

Plus, I have qualified as a Commercial Drone Operator and I own a DJI Sparks Drone, therefore I’m still developing my operational drone skills.

I had previous experiences working in customer service, organizing events and meeting and volunteering in various film festivals.


• Fluent Italian and basic Spanish
• Cash handling
• Crowd control
• Green Steward Training
• British Red Cross First Aid
• Basic Adobe: Photoshop and Premier Pro
• DBS Basic Certificate
• Audio Editing: Audacity and OBS Studio
• Using social media for commercial purpose
• Basic Editing with Davinci Resolve and Cyberlink

Main Job

Freelance Production Assistant


  • Driving van or bus to transport crew, cast and equipment to location
  • Assisting the directors with daily tasks
  • Serving drinks, snacks and organizing lunch or dinner
  • Managing budget for extra equipment or catering
  • Assisting the art department when needed
  • Loading props or equipment to location
  • Working in a busy production: managing crew, answering phones

Other Job

Pinewood Cinema in Pinewood Studios

Position: Freelance Digital Projectionist
  • Ingesting DCPs (Digital Cinema Package) and KDMs onto the servers
  • Setting up AV for presentations
  • Assisting in Dailies screenings
  • Creating player lists for weekend cinema
  • Reporting bookings for each cinema screening using the database programme Veezi
  • Deliver a high standard of customer service and dealing with any enquiries customers may have

Previous Jobs

Pret A Manger

Position: Team Member


  • Dealing with customers queries and complaints.
  • Restocking and organizing product.
  • Assisting tourists with directions.

Crussh Juice Bar

Position: Assistant Manager


  • Managing orders, deliveries,
    shift/rota and stocking.
  • Serving healthy meals and
    recommending drinks to
  • Cash handling, making sure the till
    is cashed up correctly at the end of a day.

Coffee Republic

Position: Barista


  • Serving and making coffee.
  • Serving breakfast/lunch.
  • Cleaning the area and


Position: Crew Member
  • Setting and dismantling stage for events, festival or concerts
  • Loading equipment from vehicle to locations and vice versa
  • Assemble audio screen and projector
  • Setting up PA (public address) systems and lighting
  • Lifting and organising box trolley 

Personal Activities

Duties and developed skills:

• Hosting two Film/TV Podcasts in English and Italian languages

• Arranging questions, intros and topics to my guests

• Managing recording, editing and distributions
Note: you can find both Podcasts on the menu above or the widget below

Duties and developed skills:

• Designing my website using software like WordPress, GoDaddy and Elementor

• Finding domain name

• Writing blog posts about the Film industry

Duties and developed skills:

• Designing logos and
pictures with Canva and add on textile products

• Selling clothes using Teemill

• Using social media to promote merchandise

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Interests & Hobbies

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Of course I love films, or I would not be working in production.

There are many, and honestly is kind hard telling you what are my favourites. Plus, I do not have any sort of preference when is about Genre, I can watch because their plot or because is entertaining, I can love an Author film or a Cinecomic.

So just to give you an idea, here is some example of particular films I like so much that I haven’t mind to watch more than one time:



Of course there are many, many others!

As well as films, there are too many to mention. 

I use to watch more Sit-com or Comedy-Drama, whatever is live action or animated.

Here is a list of some series I like:


I like both reading Manga and waching Anime when there’s an adaptations or when is original.

Here is a list of some of my favourite:

I love mostly the actions and the RPG, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy games. Not into sports kind, but I am happy to play in company.

Here is a list of some of my favourites :

(note: I list those games based on the saga I like rather than the single one)


I am mostly into Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Metal and Nu Metal. I love to listen to groups both in English, Italian and Japanese.

Here is a list of some of my favourite groups:

Not always playing and I am not the best in majority of them, but I love them, especially when I am with friends or groups.

Here is a list of some of the board game I played more often:


I like mountain bikes,  however, I am not a big or professional rider.

Here is few pictures of me riding:


I love to taste everything from all part of the world.

Currently I am trying to follow a vegetarian diet, however I still have few moment where I eat meat.

I list some pictures just to give an idea of my kind of food:

Of course I love the ITALIAN one

And the JAPANSE one


And much more.