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About Me

Ciao People.

My name is Mattia Capasso, I am Italian, living and working in London.

I am a freelance Production Assistant/Runner working in every aspect of visual video (Film, TV, commercial, corporate video, etc.).

I have a creative and well-tempered mind and good improvisation skills.

I am willing to undertake any task, putting all my energy in the role.

With a good understanding of the production process and set etiquette, I work well with other crew members and I have great communication skills.

Besides my main PA/Runner position, I also work part-time as Digital Projectionist at Pinewood Studios.

Plus, I have qualified as a Commercial Drone Operator and I own a DJI Sparks Drone, therefore I’m still developing my operational drone skills.

I had previous experiences working in customer service, orgainsing events and meeting and volunteering in various film festivals.


  • Full clean UK driving licence.
  • Fluent Italian and basic Spanish.
  • Cash handling
  • Crowd control.
  • British Red Cross First Aid (until December 2020).
  • Experienced scuba diver.
  • Drone owner: DJI Spark.
  • PfCO Drone Licence.
  • Basic Adobe: Photoshop and Premier Pro.
  • Basic DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate

Main Jobs

Freelance Production Assistant


  • Driving van or bus to transport crew, cast and equipment to location
  • Assisting the directors with daily tasks
  • Serving drinks, snacks and organizing lunch or dinner
  • Managing budget for extra equipment or catering
  • Assisting the art department when needed
  • Loading props or equipment to location
  • Working in a busy production: managing crew, answering phones

Other Jobs

Position: Freelance Digital Projectionist
  • Ingesting DCPs (Digital Cinema Package) and KDMs onto the servers
  • Setting up AV for presentations
  • Assisting in Dailies screenings
  • Creating player lists for weekend cinema
  • Reporting bookings for each cinema screening using the database programme Veezi
  • Deliver a high standard of customer service and dealing with any enquiries customers may have
Position: SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) Pilot / Drone Pilot


  • Aerial shooting taken from right angles and make sure to have nice frames 
  • Make sure the location area is suitable for operation
  • Avoid incidends by keeping safe distance from people, building or veichle
  • Be sure that my SUA (small unmaned aircraft) is functioning and take care about it
  • Dealing with Air laws and zone restrictions
  • Managing crowds by marking fences for security
  • Make sure the area surrounded is safe and ready to fly

Previous Jobs

Pret A Manger

Position: Team Member


  • Dealing with customers queries and complaints.
  • Restocking and organizing product.
  • Assisting tourists with directions.

Crussh Juice Bar

Position: Assistant Manager


  • Managing orders, deliveries,
    shift/rota and stocking.
  • Serving healthy meals and
    recommending drinks to
  • Cash handling, making sure the till
    is cashed up correctly at the end of a day.

Coffee Republic

Position: Barista


  • Serving and making coffee.
  • Serving breakfast/lunch.
  • Cleaning the area and


Position: Crew Member
  • Setting and dismantling stage for events, festival or concerts
  • Loading equipment from vehicle to locations and vice versa
  • Assemble audio screen and projector
  • Setting up PA (public address) systems and lighting
  • Lifting and organising box trolley 

Interests & Hobbies

  • Film (of course!): Any kind of film is welcome to me until it has a good plot and narrative
  • TV: Same interests as films, even if I go mostly on Sit-com and comedy-drama
  • Anime and Manga: I belong to the generation of Dragon Ball, One Piece (still today one of my favourite), Inuyasha, Death Note and many others.
  • Videogame: Actions and RPG, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy games. Not into sports kind, but I am happy to play in company
  • Music: Into Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Metal and Nu Metal. I love to listen to groups both in English, Italian and Japanese
  • Board games: Werewolf, Avalon, Codenames, Monopoly and many others. I used to like Dungeons & Dragons, however, it is long time I am not playing
  • Bikes: I like mountain bikes,  however, I am not a big or professional rider
  • Food: For sure into the Italian one, but I also like the Japanese and other foreigners. Currently trying to be on a vegetarian diet

Plans for future

I want to be involved in more film productions and get more credits in order to increase my Production Assistant skills.

Be more invoved in set and get the experience on being a good Assistant Director.

I’ve also written few short script that I would like to develop and with the right practice be a good director too.